Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival Parade 2013 part 2

Lotus Lantern float (3)My favorite part of the Lotus Lantern Festival was the abundance of lantern floats that look absolutely amazing at night.  These floats ranged from traditional images like dragons and tigers to more contemporary images of children’s cartoons. These floats are just a select few that I particularly loved.

Lotus Lantern float (2)

Lotus Lantern float

Lotus Lantern float (7)What was interesting about so many of these floats is that they were pushed by hand for the entire parade route. There were some outsize floats that were driven by a vehicle, but more often than not, you would see a group of individuals pushing the float.

Lotus Lantern float (5)

Lotus Lantern float (6)My favorite floats were the abundance of dragons. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for dragons. Partly because they are just so exotic and beautiful looking (especially Asian dragons), but also because I am a Dragon in Chinese astrology

Lotus Lantern floats

Lotus Lantern float (9)Capturing these floats at night was an interesting challenge. I have a pretty good camera with an excellent night landscape setting. What it doesn’t do as well (or should I say I haven’t found the right settings) is capturing images at night in motion. More than once, my camera would take too long to focus and either the float passed me by, or the image was blurry. The amount of ambient light from surrounding businesses didn’t help either.

Lotus Lantern float (4)

Lotus Lantern float (8)I would highly recommend the Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival Parade (well, the entire festival, but more on that in a follow on post). As I mentioned before, this is probably the longest parade I have witnessed, and there are so many beautiful floats to marvel and enjoy.

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