Hong Kong night view

Hong Kong night skyline colorful

I adore night views of any sort. I love them in the country, because there is no light pollution. You can see all the stars and planets that you just can’t see in the city. But even though it is a very different view, I adore city night views. The lights and the activity is so invigorating. Plus a bonus in Hong Kong in the summertime, is that temperature drops into a more pleasant warmth. There are a wide variety of ways to see Hong Kong at night. As I mentioned in a previous post, I HIGHLY recommend you view Hong Kong from The Peak at night for the widest view of the city. But you can see the skyline view from sea level on both sides of Victoria Harbor or from The Star Ferry. My first night in Hong Kong, I walked around Kowloon, just calmly taking in the views from the pier.

Hong Kong night island skyline

Hong Kong night selfie skyline

But another way to see Hong Kong at night, or at least part of Hong Kong Island, is to hop on a tram and ride it for as long as you want (or until it ends-whichever comes first). The tram is an old remnant of Hong Kong’s earlier public transportation. It still exists, though the same route is covered by busses and subways. But there is something very peaceful riding in the trams, at least at night. It is a historical throwback to older days in Hong Kong.

Plus it is also cheap. A ride is approximately HK $2.30, regardless of how long you ride. If you don’t like carrying around exact change (like me), this is another Hong Kong transportation system that takes the Octopus Card. Seriously, if you do go to Hong Kong and plan on doing much of any riding on public transportation (and I mean ANY, including all subways, most busses, all trams, including The Peak tram, the Star Ferry), I HIGHLY recommend you buy an Octopus Card. You can buy the card at any subway stop customer service center and top off the card with more revenue at any subway stop. It is just so much more convenient to swipe a card rather than juggle around for exact change.

Anyway, I chose to ride the tram at night. You can ride it during the day and get a good sightseeing tour for cheap, but there tends to be more people on the tram. When I rode, I was able to get a front view on the second level, so I had the best view of Hong Kong. Like I said, it is a very peaceful way to enjoy the lights and the beauty of the city around you while a warm summer breeze blows through your hair.

Hong Kong at night 3

Hong Kong at night 2

Hong Kong at night 5

Hong Kong at night 1

Hong Kong at night 6

Hong Kong at night 7

Hong Kong at night 4

There are plenty of people out walking around at night, going to restaurants, shopping and the like. You can choose to participate, or you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

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