A Creepy Afternoon Alone in an Abandoned Hospital- Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-33

I LOVE creepy and scary places. I love horror movies, suspense thrillers, anything that has a dark undertone to it. And since I travel a lot, I like to fit in some visits to creepy places if  I am anywhere near them. Granted, most creepy places seem to be off the beaten track and are not that easy to get to. But when the opportunity presents itself, I have a hard time saying no. I first learned about Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital last year when my photography instructor alerted our class and wanted to organize a group trip down there to practice photography. I of course jumped on that, figuring it would be easier to get to in a group, plus there is the whole safety in numbers concept. Alas the group trip fell through, but I vowed that I would visit Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital before I left Korea last year.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-48

After some hemming and hawing (not because I was scared, but more because it is a bit more of a pain to get to on your own without a car), I finally committed myself one weekend to going. It helped that I told an acquaintance I was going, so I wanted a story to tell on Monday. While Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is pretty easy to get to in a car, being only a 40 minute drive south of Seoul, it is a bit more complicated to get via public transportation. But it can be done as I demonstrated.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-7

Most people I know don’t do a whole lot of traveling on their own, and I know none of them who would go visit an abandoned psychiatric hospital on their own, particularly one that often makes the list as one of the creepiest places on Earth. But hey, it’s one of those things where I knew if I waited for someone to go with me, I would never go. So I resolved to go on my own.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-6

I researched the hell out of this trip before I went alone. I read nearly every newspaper article and blog post about it (there aren’t THAT many) to fully understand how to get there. Because the hospital is located in a residential area (though a reasonably isolated one), and the hospital has such a creepy reputation, I read that the locals aren’t that forthcoming with the directions. Luckily for me, I found one blog that gave pretty good directions to the hospital (as good as you can give), along with the most helpful thing- the Google navigation coordinates and those would prove immensely helpful for me when I was actually navigating there.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-46

There are a couple of ways to get to Gonjiam, and getting to the town itself is not that difficult. I chose to take Bus 1113-1 from Gangbyeon Station, Exit #1. The ride itself will take around an hour, maybe more depending on traffic. This humid, overcast August Sunday was fairly sparse for traffic, so it didn’t take too long. The hardest part was to know which stop to get off. None of the directions gave a specific bus stop, just started their directions from the center of town. So I sort of miscalculated where to get off, and ended up getting off at a bus stop on the way out of town. This is when the Google coordinates saved my trip, because I honestly never would have found the hospital without them. I can’t give really good directions only because I didn’t follow a straightforward path.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-37

Because I was basically cold navigating off Google Maps, it took a bit more time to find my way there, but soon I saw the directions in the blog posts I researched and knew I was on the right track. And then- BAM! There it was off to my right, the entrance to the hospital road. It is completely gated off with concertina, CCTV cameras and signs in Hangul and English warning trespassers off. However, I knew from my research that it’s not like there were security guards on site to enforce this.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-51

Now here is where I SHOULD have rechecked the blog posts for specific directions on how to get into the hospital, but I foolishly thought I remembered everything so I set out walking. I had the basic idea right, but remembered the specifics wrong. I knew I had to walk past the gate and then turn up and walk around. However for some reason, I thought I had to walk farther than I really did, so I ended up wasting at least 30 minutes wandering around in the woods looking for an entrance before giving up and deciding to go back to the gate. By this time, I decided to recheck the blog posts, because I knew I must have missed something. Thankfully Korea is well covered in 4G network for me to access the Internet.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-39

So I read just how to get past the gate and felt like an idiot, because it was literally 20-30 meters up the road. Per that trip saving blog post, once at the gate, “continue down the road past the fence for about 20 to 30 meters, you’ll come to a light-coloured building on the roadside. Walk around this building and into its backyard area, following the concrete structure uphill into the woods where a trail will appear. Keep along the trail and, just like the movies tell you not to, you can easily walk through the gaps in the fence.” It is literally that easy and I didn’t run into anyone to stop me.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-40

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-17

Once you walk through the gap in the fence, you are on the hospital road behind the gate and it is simply a matter of walking a few minutes up the hill to the hospital. It is amazing how the hospital really does look like what you would imagine a creepy, abandoned hospital to be in a horror movie. You just needed some spooky music to complete the tableau. And since I was out there alone, I kept imagining I was in a horror movie, only on my own rather than with a group of clueless friends who are about to get themselves killed.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-2

I arrived at the hospital and then spent some time walking around outside the hospital to find the way in, and getting a clue into how nature has started to reclaim the hospital. It has been abandoned since 1995, and while urban legend will have it attributed to being haunted from ghosts, other killjoy sites will say it was abandoned for more mundane reasons, such as a problem with the sewer system or it was a financial failure. But since I have a dark imagination, I would rather think that the hospital suffered a rash of mysterious deaths in the mid 90s because the clinically insane owner tormented patients and their spirits haunt the hospital to this day.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-50

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-30

I knew from my research that there wasn’t a straightforward way into the hospital. It was not simply a matter of walking in the front door, because it was locked up pretty tight. However, previous trespassers had left ways of getting into the hospital. The most recent posts said that there was a ladder that went to an open second floor window. However, that ladder is really no longer necessary. Much to my surprise, you can practically walk through the front door. Or should I say crawl through the front door. The main entrance is covered in rebar, but there is a section on the bottom that allows a human to squeeze through it.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-10

I took one final picture of me outside and posted it on social media, so in case I was killed by vengeful spirits of former patients or by a psycho killer hiding on the premises, at least there would be a record of where to find my body. Considering how difficult it was for me to find the actual hospital, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it was for me to actually get into the hospital. I also saw plenty of graffiti, both in Korean and English, from the thousands of trespassers who blazed the trail for me over the past 20 years.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-11

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-14

Once inside, I started to explore. There was plenty of sunlight by the entrance, but the farther down the hall I went, the darker and spookier it got. I came equipped with a flashlight and it helped me peer into the open rooms. It was strange to see evidence of the fact that the hospital was abandoned 19 years prior, such as a calendar from 1995.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-19

Even if this hospital isn’t truly haunted, it is still a fascinating study of what happens when man made structures are abandoned and returned to nature. Man may be able to do amazing things, but nature is one powerful beast that will overtake anything given enough time. I mean, nature has reclaimed whole ancient civilizations and buried them under desert sands or lush jungle forests. So in the space of 20 years, nature has invaded Gonjiam hospital and is slowly taking it back from man.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-38

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-36

The hospital has multiple floors, but the ground floor was the darkest and the spookiest in many ways. Even if the hospital was abandoned deliberately for practical reasons, it still seemed eerie to see how disheveled the hospital was. I mean, it’s not like this place was cleaned out in an orderly fashion and all you are seeing are empty rooms. Nope, plenty of furniture was left in the rooms, particularly on the ground floor. I found room after room where mattresses were stacked, wooden furniture was shoved, old blankets were stuffed, all of it slowly rotting from the influx of weather.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-26

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-34

In some rooms, it looked they were still set up for patients, only now nearly 20 years had passed. A good chunk of the windows were broken and there was glass everywhere. So, even if it wasn’t the case, it definitely looked like the hospital was abandoned in a hurry, thus lending credence to the idea the hospital was overrun with ghosts. And since this was a former psychiatric hospital, you know that any ghosts that could reside here would be even creepier, because they would be the ghosts of former, mentally ill patients.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-41

Undoubtedly the first floor was the creepiest for me to explore, because it was darker and disheveled. The farther down the hallway I went, the darker it got. I was acutely aware I was alone and every sound was heightened in my senses. Even if I didn’t think there were actual ghosts that would attack me, I kept thinking of live serial killers lurking in the rooms waiting to jump out and kill me. It’s one of those times I felt rather vulnerable and did feel like I was in a horror movie. I kept looking back to the entrance way with the bright sun shining in, like if I could see the light, that would protect me against psycho killers, like the one that inhabited American Horror Story: Asylum.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-42

I went to the second and third floor, though they were not as creepy as the first. Higher floors had more light, so it didn’t feel quite so spooky. Most of those rooms were also empty, so it just felt like I was in an empty building. I did get genuinely spooked a couple times, because I ran into the local cat. I mean, when you are in a creepy, abandoned psychiatric hospital, you do NOT want to hear unfamiliar noises that sound like someone is walking in the same building as you.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-20

The hospital ends in a roof that opens up to the lush view of the forest around me. The whole setup is in one of those rural looking areas that are within walking distance of the town.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-43

Once I satisfied my ghoulish curiosity, I crawled out from where I came and walked back to town to catch a bus back to Seoul. All in all, it was a satisfying trip.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-23

Now, of course, the most important thing: how to get there. There is more than one bus that goes from Seoul to the town of Gonjiam. As I stated earlier, I chose to take 1113-1 bus from Gangbyeon Station, Exit #1, because it was the most convenient for me. But there are other buses that go to the town of Gonjiam, like Bus 500-2 from Gangnam Station, Exit #7, and pretty much any of them will get you where you want to go. Now, unfortunately I don’t have the exact stop to take, since I overshot the bus stop and had to backtrack back. But getting off in the center of town will make it a shorter walk. The directions I read from another blog post was” from the center of town, cross a little bridge and turn right and keep going up the narrow road. The path starts a ways up just after you pass a 2 story brick house.” Yes, that is true, though I can’t find the actual street names I wrote down when I did this trip to make it easier. So the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need for a trip to Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is the Google coordinates: “37.362433, 127.33474”.  These coordinates were a life saver for me. Thank you smart maps and 4G cell networks.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-24

If you like creepy places, have a sense of adventure, and are in the neighborhood around Seoul, definitely take some time to visit Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital.

Gongjiam Psychiatric Hospital-21

40 thoughts on “A Creepy Afternoon Alone in an Abandoned Hospital- Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital

  1. Sonny says:

    Do you know if the structure is still there?


    • The hospital was there as of a year ago, and I never heard of any plans to tear it down, so it probably is still there.


      • ahtng says:

        I was going to go with my friend until he bailed after reading your blog haha. Any precautions for me to go alone?


      • I’m sorry your friend bailed on you. It certainly was not my goal to discourage anyone from going to Gonjiam, but to give some understanding of what to expect. I honestly didn’t find that visit to be dangerous or anything. But in any case, my biggest advice for going alone is make sure you have the coordinates I published in the post. It is a bit hard to give easy directions, because what directions you take will differ depend on what bus stop you take. If you take a bus, make sure you get off in the town of Gonjiam, because it will be easier to navigate. But I recommend using Google Maps or some other navigation tool with those coordinates. I used those coordinates, and I managed to find the hospital just by raw navigation. Also make sure that you don’t walk too far past the gate to enter. I knew I wasn’t able to go through the entrance gate, but I walked too far past where I should have turned off and ended up wandering around the woods. The back entrance can be found right around the house next to the gate. I also recommend you take a flashlight with you, because it is rather dark when you get further away from the doors. Other than that, just be careful when you are walking around. If you have other questions, I will do my best to answer them.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ahtng says:

        You did great with navigating. But what I meant to ask was about the place. I can’t find much detail on it. How many buildings were there? I know you explored the whole area, but how many levels were there? If I may I’d like to know in general how the floors or the building map out. I hope I’m not asking too much. This is my first time exploring an abandoned area and I am doing it alone.


      • Ah okay. Now I understand. There is one main building, though there is one smaller outbuilding you can also walk around a little bit. The main building is three floors. The first floor can get pretty dark once you move away from the entrance, which is why you need the flashlight. There is a lot more abandoned stuff in the first floor rooms, which makes for some interesting exploring. The upper floor rooms are empty for the most part, and there is a bit more natural light. There are two sets of stairs in the structure, one at each end of the hallway and one set of stairs will take you to the open air roof to see the forest surrounding the hospital. When I visited, there was the smaller opening at the entrance that most people should be able to crawl through. It used to be more dangerous to enter (climbing a rickety ladder to the first floor), but when I visited, it seemed like the opening in the re-bar was put there to allow a bit safer access.

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  2. John Sherry says:

    Going today, thank you for the information. It appears a new subway line has opened stopping in Gonjiam. So I’m going to give it a try.


  3. John Sherry says:

    Good news Gonjiam Hospital is now easy to access. Travel to Gonjiam Station on the Gyeonggang Line of the Seoul Metro system. Take exit 2 out of the station and walk forward to the main road. Turn left and follow. You’ll pass 2 junctions but just keep to the right each time and continue following the road (always keep the railway on your left). The fenced off entrance to the hospital will be on your right. I’ve got a few pics showing the way if you want them. There is still a gap in the fence accessible from the house right next to it and finally there is now no gate at all over the entrance to the building, you can simply walk in. Only bad thing is that there’s a lot of building work going on opposite the first fence and around meaning cars and people passing, some cars where parked in the house with the gap in the fence but no one seemed to be bothered and I just waited till I couldn’t see anyone and went through.


  4. John Sherry says:

    Sorry edit, just looking back at pics, *keep railway on left until after the last junction when the road will bend round and the railway will be at your back*


  5. Tina Miranda says:

    Hi, where can I contact you through mail. I would like to send you something regarding ur gonjiam photos. Thanks!


  6. HARSHA kumar says:

    hello. im visiting SK in October. is there any group tour for this visit? i am not sure if i can manage this alone.pls suggest


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  8. Oh My. I found your blog after being so curious about this Gonjiam hospital. Thanks for several photos and good description too


  9. LH says:

    Hi. Is there really Room 402 in this hospital?


  10. Claire says:

    I was there last week and in my opinion it’s best to use the coordinates because we spent a significant time trying to figure out the written description and got confused.
    We ended up just using google maps and naver maps to get there 🙂
    When I arrived there was no need to crawl to any hole in a fence because he gate was wide open.
    They were trimming trees around the building (which kinda ruined the vibe) so I don’t know if they locked it back up afterwards.
    The building itself also no longer has a ‘door’ or fence.
    You can walk right in.
    The place is definitely creepy but sadly shows a lot of evidence of people ‘partying’ at the scene. Empty bottles, food wrappings, and so on.
    I took some great pictures though! 🙂
    I decided to go to the 3d floor by myself, to take some final shots, and left my friend downstairs.
    When I was up there a series of doors started slamming shut and I got really freaked out and ran.
    I know it was just the wind and my mind playing tricks on me but that didn’t stop me from yelping and running off at that time :p
    It’s certainly worth a visit!
    On the way over there we stopped at a local shop for some drinks and the shop keeper, who did not speak english, kept imitating using a photo camera and pointing in the direction of the hospital.
    So they know people go over there for that purpose.
    Just treat the place with respect and you won’t get in trouble.


    • Thank you very much for the updated information, and I am glad you enjoyed your visit. I agree that the coordinates are life savers. I included the written directions I had seen elsewhere, but I wouldn’t have found the hospital myself without Google maps and those coordinates. I can see the government just kind of giving in to the visitors and figured they would make it easier and safer to visit than it was before. It’s not like it was impossible to visit. I agree that even some very benign things at the hospital can be extra creepy.


      • Claire says:

        Did you know that the guide of the ‘Dark Side of Seoul’ ghost tour actually recommended your blog for when I wanted to visit? That’s pretty cool right? 🙂 I saw your pictures before that but it seems you’re the go-to source for Gonjiam 😉


  11. mira says:

    Hi. I just read your web and it’s cool I cant believe it you go there alone omg. it’s so creepy how could yo go there alone bruh? you’re so brave!


  12. Can confirm that the Hospital has been demolished and no longer exits. I went there with 2 friends recently and it was just a pile of mud and earthmoving equipment.


    • Claire says:

      What?! Are you serious?! When did you go? I was there in May and they were chopping down trees and stuff… the ‘cage like structure’ on the roof wasn’t there either but I assumed they’d just gotten rid of that for the trees or something… It’s gone? Seriously?


  13. luke6 says:

    guys…. im planning to go check out the place in Sept… is is it really gone?


  14. Pierre le Roux says:

    Visited today, the asylum got demolished about a month ago 😦


  15. angel says:

    Did u ever find the room 402


  16. Zexen says:

    Is it really demolished?


    • Claire says:

      Yes it’s gone. I watched a video on Youtube. Strangely it made me feel relieved and sad at the same time. There was something off about that place. I’m not like a “ghost believer” but that place was weird. Even when I watched that dumb Gonjiam movie they released. I saw the outside footage of the hospital, I felt weirded out.
      To be honest I hope they don’t build anything else on it.


  17. Read this after finish the movie Gonjiam Haunted Asylum
    Your blog is much more interesting than the movie lol


  18. Andrew Bruske says:

    Enjoyed reading~ and great pictures!


  19. Sunaina Narinder Pal says:

    I really liked how your narration was so smooth, I liked it so much! Unfortunately, Gonjiam was broken down in May 2019 I guess because no owner came up to claim the place plus the nuisance visitors were creating.


    • Sunaina Narinder Pal says:

      Sorry, July 2019


    • Claire says:

      I think it was 2018. I was there in May 2018 and they already had people trimming trees and the fence was down. The roof “plaza’ fence was already gone too. As I said before, I’m both sad and relieved they tore it down and I hope they don’t build anything else there.The only “haunting” experience I’ve ever had, anywhere, was there. It’s like time stopped in there, and I felt like that’s why I couldn’t leave the building. It was strange.


  20. svetoslava says:

    first is the hospital sill there?
    second is there actually room 402


  21. lsix says:

    a korean friend told me he went there like few months ago. he said there were construction materials lying around, no security guard. and he met an old guy pointing him the way to the location with no shadow. i doubt the no shadow story, probably he didnt really notice.


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  24. Alexander says:

    Your blog is so calming to read. The pictures, the narrative, everything really, paints such a beautiful, nostalgic picture of abandonment. I could imagine how the hospital must have been in its glory days, bustling with nurses and doctors, with freshly painted, pastel colored walls, telephones ringing and a general murmur of Korean conversations, as attendants push around wheelchairs and housekeeping stuff rushes to change bedsheets.


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