Fiji Islands Beautiful Flora and Plants

Fiji Flora-13

Fiji is located in the South Pacific, so it has a very tropical climate. Hot and sunny, but also plenty of rain in some spots (like Tavenui Island) to produce lush vegetation and bright, colorful flowers. These flowers just inspired me to want to turn them into watercolor and pastel paintings.

Fiji Flora-10

Fiji Flora-4

Fiji Flora-9

Fiji Flora-11

Fiji Flora-8

Fiji Flora-14

Fiji Flora-7

Fiji Flora-15

Fiji Flora-6

Fiji Flora-12

Fiji Flora-5

Fiji Flora-3

Fiji Flora-2

Pineapples don’t grow on trees. They grow in bushes. And these are tiny, but sweet local pineapple.

Fiji Flora-16

Fiji Flora-1


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